Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kim Jong-Il appears at soccer game

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il appeared in public for the first time after a reported stroke.

Media had reported variously that Kim was either dead or seriously ill in recent months. He attended a soccer game held to celebrate the anniversary of a North Korean university named after his father.

American negotiators are currently trying to lure North Korea back to talks on its nuclear program, which Pyongyang is in the process of restarting. Israel accused North Korea on Saturday of exporting weapons of mass destruction to the Middle East at a UN meeting on nuclear proliferation.

There is also concern that the recent warming of ties between Myanmar and North Korea might involve Pyongyang helping the former country rebuild its own nuclear program. Many analysts believe that Myanmar would like to join the nuke club for both military and prestige purposes.

National Post

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The game was held to mark the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the university named after his late father, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. ...
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