Monday, July 31, 2006

GMO debate in Asia continues

China says it intends to test 'space-enhanced' crops in a future satellite launch as it mulls over the possibility of introducing transgenic rice.

Meanwhile in France, Greenpeace has been concentrating efforts against the introduction of GMO crops. The group though was ordered to remove a map from its website showing transgenic 'contamination' zones throughout the country, after incidents in which test fields were destroyed by activists.

Also, a recent study shows that transgenic crops, including experimental ones that have not been approved as safe, continue to contaminate non-GMO plants.

A young transgenic salmon is shown as much larger than a natural salmon of the same age. Over time, though, the average weight evens out between the two types. According to one study "fast-growing transgenic salmon were found to dominate feed acquisition and exhibit strong agonistic and cannibalistic behavior toward their [nontransgenic] cohorts when there were inadequate feed resources." Photo from Science Daily.