Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chinese state visit to Tonga; Chennai under alert

China continued to outreach to Pacific island nations with its first congressional level visit to the kingdom of Tonga this week.

Matangi Tonga

China's Congress makes first visit to Tonga
Matangi Tonga, Tonga
High-level Chinese legislators from China's Congress visited Tonga for the first time this week. A delegation from the Standing Committee of the ...

The South India city of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu state, was put on alert for a possible terrorist strike. The neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh suffered two bomb blasts recently. Intelligence reports suggest an operative with a Bangladeshi extremist group might be at work in the city.

Zee News

New Delhi warns of terror threat in Chennai
The Statesman, India - Sep 3, 2007
... the initial inputs suggested that the terrorists might plan a terror attack at Chennai, which has so far remained largely untouched terrorist activity ...